Our Services

Wealth Management Business Consulting:  Wealth management is more than just investment advice, as it can encompass all parts of the persons financial life. Depending on the business the wealth manager may function under different titles and advise in several areas of the business. The wealth manager starts by developing a plan that will maintain and increase the client's wealth based on that individual's and/or business financial situation, goals and comfort level with risk. After the original plan is developed, the manager meets regularly with clients to update goals, review and rebalance the financial portfolio, and investigate whether additional services are needed and with the goal of remaining in the client’s service throughout his lifetime.

A SEPARATELY MANAGED FEE BASED ACCOUNT: is a customized investment vehicle in which the client holds the underlying securities directly, and a professional investment manager buys and sells securities on the client's behalf. This enables true customization of the account based on personal investment objectives and risk-tolerance, and allows for personalized tax management techniques, including tax-loss harvesting. In the past, this level of customization was only available for large institutions. Today, managed accounts have emerged as one of the fastest growing investment vehicles.

RETIREMENT PLANNING: The most critical factor to consider when planning for retirement is to determine what asset level you need to comfortably fund your retirement. Vision Financial Services LLC can help you set your retirement goals and evaluate your current assets and estimate income and expenses. We can then develop investment strategies that will help you work toward achieving those goals.

ESTATE PLANNING: You may have very specific needs related to the preservation and transfer of wealth. We will assist you and your attorney to help create a tailored estate plan aimed at minimizing your taxes and maximizing the distribution of wealth to the intended beneficiaries, while providing maximum flexibility to the drafter.

INSURANCE PLANNING: Just as you work hard to accumulate wealth, it is equally important to protect your financial future from unforeseen difficulties. Our many years of experience will provide an objective analysis of your current insurance coverage to determine the optimal insurance plan for you, for your family, and if appropriate for your closely-held business.


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